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    We perform all tasks in office in the United States. We do not outsource any services over seas.



DC Medical Billing performs all phases of the Insurance Revenue Cycle Process such as, electronic claims filing, claim rejections, claims denials, aging analysis, payer follow up, and appeals.  In addition to Revenue Cycle Management, we provide provider credentialing, audits, and AR clean-ups. Due to the vast amount of services and experience we have recently added consulting to our services.

DC Medical Billing is proud to be a USA based company, all services provided to our clients are performed in the USA. We do not outsource any of our work outside the USA.  We provide billing/credentialing services to multi-disciplinary practices, such as chiropractic, hematology, oncology, and physical therapy just to name a few.

DC Medical Billing takes great care and pride in our attention to detail.  As a result, our providers have optimal reimbursement resulting in a healthy revenue cycle!

Most of all we want you to have the practice of your dreams, to serve and care for your patients and to flourish and grow to serve more.