Our Medical Billing Services

We have over 29 years of experience billing in the fields of Integrated MD/PT/DC Practices, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Durable Medical Equipment, Oncology and several other specialties.

DC Medical Billing offers providers superior offsite medical billing services which allows our providers to focus on optimizing patient care. In addition to Medical Billing Services, we also offer credentialing, accounts receivables clean up, practice analysis and evaluations. Furthermore our expert team will also clean up your outstanding insurance receivables.

Finally, with all our years of experience DC Medical Billing has naturally progressed into mentoring and consulting practices. As a result, we are often requested to mentor current staffs. A simple mentoring program may be just a few sessions. At other times a couple months may be the best solution.

Sometimes a single session flat fee consultation can help alleviate internal pressure points. Hence, for this reason alone you can make the best decisions for your practice without investing a lot of time and resources.

Maximize Account Receivables

We know and implement all current compliance regulations. Do not weigh your practice down with burdensome filing and paperwork, consider our competent staff at DC Medical Billing. Let us streamline your administration. Call today for a free analyses at (504) 495-9757.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize reimbursement for Providers as quickly as possible while alleviating the hassle and expense of insurance reimbursement for practices.

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